Healthy Life


Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of West Michigan Has A New Name!

I have changed the name of my practice to reflect our new focus.  We are now  Healthy Life Dentistry. 
Same doctor, same phone number, same familiar faces and voices.  Our new name reflects our new commitment to you and your overall health.

This name change should come as no surprise to most of our patients.  The focus of attention at my office has shifted from appearance-related dentistry to one more health-related.  For several years now, we have been educating our patients about harmful bacteria in the mouth that are also associated with many diseases found elsewhere in the body. Deadly diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, Alzheimer's, and even certain cancers have been linked to bacteria in the mouth.  The common thread is bacteria that cause a potent inflammatory response.  These bacteria move freely throughout the body wreaking havoc wherever they reside.  To make matters worse, many of these bacteria are transmissible, meaning they can be shared.

Rest assured, I will continue to be primarily focused on the education and minimization of cavities, periodontal disease, clenching and grinding, acid erosion, etc.  Please also know that I will still be happy to discuss and provide cosmetic services should you have anything about your smile that you are unhappy or uncomfortable displaying.  My commitment to you is not only to keep you free from dental disease but also to ensure that there are no conditions that will put your overall health at risk. How can this best be achieved?  By keeping you and your family as clean and free of harmful bacterial pathogens as possible.

Should you have any questions, please either Contact Us or do not hesitate to call our office at                                                                                                616-281-0220
Please continue brousing our website for more information about this and other health-related topics. 

 We wish you continued health, happiness and blessings!

                                                                                             Dr. Scott Pirochta and Team