Regarding the Coronavirus and COVID-19:

Healthy Life Dentistry is currently closed due to CDC and MDA recommendations in lieu of the coronavirus.   

Patients with scheduled appointments will be called, texted or emailed several days before their appointment.  You will be asked about your health and if you exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19.  If any, you will be asked to postpone your appointment until you are symptom free and cleared by your physician. 


Please, if at all possible, come to your dental appointment alone. If this is not possible, caretakers will be highly encouraged to remain in the car. If a caretaker must come in, they must also be screened. If either person is deemed high-risk for Covid-19, the appointment must be canceled until both patient and caretaker are symptom free and cleared by a physician. 


The current guidelines require that, once you arrive at our office, you will call us from your car to check in. This is important because our door will be locked to control the flow of patients. Once we are ready to see you, we will call or text to alert you. You will be met at the door by your dental hygienist or assistant.  Please wear your mask.  Upon entering, you will be screened to ensure your health. You will again be asked questions about symptoms, then your temperature and blood oxygenation will be checked. You will bypass our front desk in an effort to minimize time in common areas and congregating with other people. You will be escorted to the treatment area for your appointment. This will look different due to the amount of protective clothing and gear that are required to be worn.  There will also be barriers and equipment to filter and purify the air.  You will be asked to hand sanitize and to rinse with an anti-bacterial/anti-viral mouth rinse.  Upon completion of your appointment, your hygienist or assistant will complete the checkout process as much as possible and you will be escorted back out to your car. Payment will be taken prior to your appointment if possible. If not possible, a brief stop at the front desk with Cinda to finalize payment will be needed.


No one asked for this virus. No one wanted this shut down or to have to make significant changes to our lives and work interactions. The time needed to prepare before and after patient appointments will be significantly longer. The expenses to me and other business owners have been and continue to be massive.  However, we must respect all measures that need to be taken to ensure everyone’s health while we await an effective vaccine and/or to allow this virus to run its course and leave us alone!  


We are all eager to be able to get out and enjoy our weather and our lives more normally.  However, PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!  Continue to maintain safe distances. Continue to minimize all unnecessary travel and interaction with others. Continue to protect yourself with a mask and pay attention to hand hygiene and face awareness.  With everyone’s help, we can continue to see declines until there are no more reported cases. 


As always, if you are experiencing any pain or have a dental emergency, please call me at 616-644-4444.  I miss you all and all continue to be in my prayers daily! 


I can’t wait to get back to work and to see you all again.  




Co-Vid Policies and Updates